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Meet The Team!

Founder of Only Italian
Tinashe - Logistics & Customer Service at Only Italian
Moria - Sales & Customer Service at Only Italian




Logistics & Customer Service


Sales & Customer Service

We bring the office to the home, and the home to the office, 

in new, dynamic workspaces!

Our Company

Only Italian is a contemporary office furniture company based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We supply a portfolio of quality Italian products which are functional, durable and elegant.

We are keen supporters of the genuine “100% Made In Italy” label, which represents high-quality Italian products world wide. This symbolizes their durability, design, originality and creativity. It is the mark of distinct Italian taste and style.

We take great pride in nurturing our relationship with you, paying attention to clear and honest communication in order to create a healthy, long-lasting friendship. 

When you purchase any product from Only Italian, we encourage you to compare it, as we do, to competitive products available in the market. We believe this process will enhance your appreciation of the product you select from our range.


Company Profile 2020

Only Italian Company Profile

Italy is history, design, harmony, quality.
That is what we want to bring to you.

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