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Office Trends 

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Back to color


The new collections celebrate colour in all its forms. Bright in the patterns and weaves of the fabrics, emphasized by the outlines of the new models, and enhanced by the use of natural materials, they give rise to a new era of furniture made in Italy.


Appearance and functionality meet under the name of design, for indoor and outdoor environments to customize in absolute freedom. It is a return to chromatic emotionality, where wonder is put back at the centre of the scene with office furniture.


Domesticated workplace

Our view of the traditional workplace is changing. Why should we be satisfied with boring furnishings and grey metal filing cabinets just because we are at work? Instead our workplaces must be more and more like home to attract skilled employees, and offer freelancers and temporary workers the opportunity to blend into with company staff. People want their workplaces to offer the same comforts that they would have at home, regardless of whether it is having a place to store their things, allowing personal space and creating a sense of community with office furniture.


This trend is not simply a reactionary effort to keep people satisfied with the office environment, it’s an ongoing trend that has finally reached its natural pinnacle based on employee preferences and lifestyle needs. The new office environment now includes features typically found in hospitality settings such as restaurants, bars or beer fridges, fireplaces and comfortable furniture, game rooms, rock walls, and fitness areas complete with showers.

Home Office.jpg


Home office

Minimalistic, clean and bright, with a burst of colour, this is what you would like to offer.


A dedicated work space in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work, but probably, like many of us, you are working from a shift desk placed in an open gap.

Whatever it is, we can help to create the right place to think, concentrate and get the work done.

And  you will soon realize that working from home is more difficult than what you though!

It requires a lot of concentration and you have to fight against the distractions that surround you.


Some tips that can help you:

  • Make a list of the things to do

  • Put your smart phone on silent and switch the TV off.

  • Avoid multitasking

  • Plan few brakes


Whether we like it or not, the new normal for the foreseeable future, is Working From Home!

Come in for a personal consultation to help rejuvenate your working spaces into an exclusive executive office.

We can't wait to provide solutions that will help you rejuvenate your executive offices, work spaces and community or smart home office for the next 10 years!


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